How To Solve A Problem With Hair Growth


Don’t worry if you find that you are losing hair as hair loss is something that affects about 40% of women and more than 60% of men sometime in their life. There are various causes for hair loss including stress, heredity, insufficient nutrition and high levels of DHT in the body.

Though the first option for treating hair loss is to look for hair growth remedies in the form of medication, it is better to use natural means to promote a hair growth spell in yourself. This can be done by improving your diet by eating more of food that promotes hair growth and to block DHT levels using green tea and a low-fat diet.

Foods that help promote hair growth

There are some foods that should be eaten to promote hair growth. As hair is made of proteins, it is better to have as much protein-rich food in your diet. Even iron is important for thick hair, so ensure that your diet has iron-rich food. Foods rich in protein include eggs, fish, liver, chicken, beans, cottage cheese, yogurt, brewer’s yeast and tofu.

Iron rich food includes liver, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, dates, raisins and whole grain cereals. Food rich in B vitamins like eggs, meat, poultry, essential fatty acids like fish, walnuts, canola oil and soy, vitamin E rich food like olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocados and food with sulfur like legumes, vegetables, fish, nuts, and meats are all essential to promote hair growth.

Take yogurt to promote hair growth

Sometimes, hair loss in women may be due to a gastrointestinal tract problem. In such cases, it is better to increase the intake of low-fat yogurt as the active acidophilus cultures in it speed up the GI tract and thus, promotes hair growth.

In the case of men, it is better for them to follow a low-fat diet as their hair loss is usually linked to increased testosterone levels. It is meat and fat in the diet that tends to raise these testosterone levels. So by reducing the consumption of fat and meat, your hormone levels are lowered so that hair loss cycle is slowed down.

Besides eating more of these foods, there are some foods that have to be avoided as they are bad for your hair. These foods are caffeine, fat, carbonated drinks and sugar.

Avoid using heat and harsh hair products

Besides all these dietary changes, you have to minimize the number of products you use in your hair to promote hair growth. Shampoos used for treating dandruff and lice should be used only as per its recommendations. With self-diagnosis, you end up with hair loss and other problems with your hair.

Reduce the exposure of your hair to heat like hot water and hair dryers as heat only dries the hair and promotes hair loss. Instead use bonnet dryers, air drying and non-heated curlers are better options to style hair, with minimal heat. If using styling products use alcohol-free ones and avoid products that lead to stiff and brittle hair.


Besides all this, sufficient sleep, a regular exercise program, regular shampooing and massaging of your hair to stimulate blood flow, helps in promoting hair growth.



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